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Carpathian Foundation Slovak Republic


Carpathian Foundation, Slovakia

The Carpathian Foundation is a regional non–profit and non-governmental organization serving the region of Eastern Slovakia – Košice and Prešov administrative regions (ca. 1,5 mil. population). The Foundation was created in 1994 and provides financial support, training and advisory services to active people and non – profit organizations in order to help improve living conditions in Eastern Slovakia.
Mission of the Carpathian Foundation is to support development of Eastern Slovakia in the name of its traditional values of mutual help and respect for cultural and ethnic diversity.

The Foundation’s grant programs and scholarship programs seek to support development of the region in a variety of areas. The Foundation supports collaboration, partnerships on the local level and community engagement into solutions towards local issues. Since its creation, the Foundation funded hundreds of projects with a total amount of over 1,5 million EUR.
Training programs and expert assistance provided by the Foundation multiply the impact of its funding programs, and facilitate development of self – help and collaboration attitudes in the region. The Foundation also organizes a variety of events to present the importance and purpose of non - profit organizations and charitable giving to the community at large.  
All its programs and activities are guided by principles of partnership and collaboration of different sectors of the society.
Local partnerships are considered key for the sustainable development of the region. The Foundation actively explores topics of corporate social responsibility and corporate philanthropy. It has been communicating and collaborating with a number of small and mid-sized businesses in order to encourage the regional business community to apply the ideas of corporate social responsibility concept in their everyday operations.

In 2011, the Foundation identified poverty as the most pressing issue in its area of service - due to the current unfortunate economic situation and long – term disparities, in comparison with other Slovak regions, increasing unemployment rates, rising living costs, lower income etc. As economic development and poverty are directly linked, and both influence the overall development of the region, the community - based poverty alleviation has therefore been identified the flagship theme for the Foundation’s activities carried out at present and in the years to come. It is the ambition of the Foundation to contribute, within its means, to the overall improvement of the situation in the region where it operates.  
In this endeavor, the Foundation is going to use its long term experience in the field of administration of community support, partnerships and interactions with corporate community, international exposure and experience, contacts and networking connections for the sake of bringing in international perspective and showcasing success stories from other parts of the world.

Funding resources
To continue to work in and support Eastern Slovakia, the Carpathian Foundation receives funding from a variety of resources. The Foundation partners with individuals, businesses, large foundations, support organizations and financial mechanisms. For its donors, the Foundation is a trustworthy and reliable partner who can make an effective and transparent use of available monies to support interesting and worthwhile projects and initiatives.

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