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Carpathian Foundation Hungary


The Carpathian Euroregion, institutional association of local-self-governments and municipalities, has been created in 1993 with the aim to prevent the ethnic conflicts of the post-socialist countries after the democratic transition.
The Carpathian Foundation has been established in 1995 for the initiative of the East-West Institute and with the financial support of the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation with the aim to operate as a regional community foundation in the most underdeveloped bordering areas of the Carpathian Euroregion (Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Ukraine) by supporting the citizens’ and civic local development initiatives.
In the beginning the Foundation managed various grant programs to promote good neighborliness, social stability and sustainable economic development in the region.
The Foundation is the member of the prestigious International Carpathian Foundations Network (, the member organizations in each country of the Carpathian region have similar or even common programs and projects for the well-being of communities living in the region.

The mission of the Carpathian Foundation-Hungary is to improve the quality of live of people living in the Carpathian region, and to preserve the social, ethnic, cultural and environmental values and sustainable development of the region.

The Foundation acts as a cross-border regional community foundation and primarily provides financial and technical assistance to NGOs and LSGs (local-self-governments) operating in the Hungarian part of the Carpathian region (Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén, Hajdú-Bihar, Heves, Jász- Nagykun- Szolnok, and Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg counties).

Carpathian Foundation-Hungary encourages co-operation among non-profit, governmental and profit-oriented organizations, in the areas of rural community development,  human resource development,     preservation of cultural and environmental values, heritage, social integration by its programs and projects.

The Carpathian Foundation-Hungary’s strategic goal is to strengthen the human resources (people and organizations) of the region in order to enhance the development of marginalized rural areas and vulnerable, disadvantaged minorities, communities; thus indirectly to decrease poverty and social exclusion.

Currently the Foundation runs its programs to fulfill the following main objectives:
- to support sustainable local development initiatives of NGOs and communities;
- to raise social awareness, enhance public participation and to support disadvantaged, vulnerable rural communities and areas;
- to support disadvantaged children and youth.

The Foundation engages in both grant-making and programmatic activities, and since the beginning it has granted totally 15 million USD to hundreds of NGOs and LSGs.

The Foundation
- provides scholarships and grants; professional-expertial and technical assistance; trainings;
- organizes conferences, workshops, and regional level meetings;
- helps networking local actors;     
- conducts researches and study trips.

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